Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gothy Girl

Gothy Girl
Copic Sketch Markers
copyright 2013 by A. Dameron

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Will update soon, I promise!

The flu fairy has stayed at my house for nearly 3 weeks non-stop. >:-< I have a whole bunch of artwork to photograph and post. I promise, I'll update soon!

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Our Masterpieces from the Crack'd Pot

As I wrote in this blog post, Sarah and I painted our own pottery at The Crack'd Pot. I promised to post pictures of our masterpieces, so here they are!

Sarah's Beetle Bug:

And here is my project, an Asian Doll Princess Piggy Bank:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An Afternoon at the Crack'd Pot

This past Christmas, my husband got me a $50 gift card to The Crack'd Pot . It's a paint-your-own-pottery place just down the road from our house. He thought I would enjoy taking Sarah there, since we both love to paint.

Yesterday, we finally managed to get by the shop. It's a roomy studio, with items on the shelves. Tina (the owner), showed us the ropes. Sarah selected a ceramic bug car and I found a Asian doll-princess piggy bank. We were allowed to choose three colors at a time, so our palettes wouldn't be so crowded. Sarah chose blue, yellow and tan for her little car. I painted the doll's kimono mulberry purple and her hair, a rich black. Sarah chose heart stickers and placed them all over her car; after she painted over them, Tina removed them to reveal the pattern.

Stickers and stencils...I painted a bamboo on the dolls dress and added a bow for her hair. I felt like I was four years old again and Sarah definitely enjoyed slathering paint all over the car.

It takes three days to fire the ceramics in the kiln (eighteen hours in the kiln, eighteen hours cool-down time), so we'll have to wait until Thursday or Friday until we can pick up the finished products.

I'll definitely come back, for Tuesdays are 'Mom and Me' days, and Thursdays are 'Dad and Me' days (10% off both days) and Friday nights are 'Moms Night'.

When our ceramics are done, I'll post pictures of our art here. Stay tuned!


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New Art Gallery and Writing Samples Up at My Website

New Art Gallery and Writing Samples up at my 

Paintings and drawings from my collections:

"Women in Color", "Chocophoria", "The Dragon's 

Lair" and "The Brocade Box"

Two short stories "The Listening Post" and "The 

Making of Beds" 

Please stop on by and say hello! (And tell your 

creative friends too! :-D) Thank you!


Derwent Graphictint pencils, Inktense pencils
copyright 2013 by A. Dameron

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Derwent Inktense pencils, Derwent graphictint pencils
copyright 2013 by A. Dameron